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What is Reflexology?

It is the study, art and science using specific touch techniques on maps of the body
which are believed to exist in the feet, hands and ears.  By stimulating the nerve endings,
we are addressing all the systems of the body, increasing circulation and breaking up
blockages & stagnation which have built up in the body.  Reflexology is based
on the relaxation 
model, and we know that when we rest and relax, the body heals.


Why Reflexology?

Safe, gentle and effective on it’s own or as a compliment to other modalities.  It allows us
to quiet, center, balance, slow down and rest, relieving pain, congestion and imbalance.
This gentle touch therapy is remarkable in alleviating stress from daily life and the worry
surrounding chronic illness or injury.


Who can benefit?

Reflexology is suitable for all ages.  Conditions often alleviated range from, asthma,
migraines, sinusitis, 
neck, shoulder, back, sciatica and hip pain.  It can help with
symptoms from tinnitus, 
PMS, hormonal imbalance, infertility,sleep disorders,
poor digestion, post traumatic stress disorder, anxiety, attention deficit disorder,
fibromyalgia, MS, 
arthritis and cancer.  It is also being more widely used and
recognized during the fertility and maternity process, and can help immensely
with various discomforts experienced 
during pregnancy and birth.

Discover the benefits of Reflexology with Yvonne, as she uses a thumb and
finger to gently roll across your feet, hands & ears, releasing stress, eliminating
tension, and giving your 
body the optimum opportunity to mend.  Yvonne is passionate
about her craft and has had the privilege of working on clients ranging from infants,
seniors, business professionals, Motor X Champions, stay at home moms,
and those living with complicated and often painful illnesses.  Yvonne is dedicated
to teaching community based workshops in reflexology for yourself or your family.

Detail of Buddha, Pha That Luang Temple

Photos: Copyright © Steven Douglas Golden