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Testimonials from Clients:

I am 62 years old.
I began seeing Yvonne upon recommendation from my massage
therapist, due to muscle tightness particularly in my calves. After
one session with Yvonne, I saw my massage therapist a few days
later and she remarked that my calf muscles were more relaxed
than she had seen them in years. Further sessions with Yvonne have
relieved me of much of my chronic back pain (due to a herniated disc),
general fatigue, muscle stiffness and pain; and have improved muscle
coordination and function. Also, my hands and particularly my feet
were always cold with poor circulation. My hands and feet are now
much warmer and my circulation seems to have improved. I have also
noticed relief of digestive problems that would plague me ever and
anon. I am sleeping more soundly as well and feel more rested in the
morning. All of this has happened in only 6 sessions.
I would highly recommend Yvonne’s reflexology treatment.



I felt less pain after your session and I didn’t wake up with pain last night! I am feeling good, thank you!! My feet are warm, and I can twist my body easier now. Oh, I slept well last night! It was a great experience.


M Evans June 2013


My name is Sue, I am 89 and had been getting weekly massages in my home. After falling and fracturing my spine, I found massages to be painful and too much to tolerate. I knew that reflexology was more gentle and might help me. I was in a Great deal of pain and called Yvonne, she came right away, and by the time we were finished our session my pain had decreased 30-40%. I was now relaxed physically & mentally which also helped me to sleep during the night! Six months, of weekly sessions w/Yvonne ranging from 40 min to 1hr, helped me immensely and I vividly remember how grateful I was for the relief.


Sue M, Studio City California 2012


 Yvonne began working on me in the beginning of her Reflexology studies. My Chronic Pain ranged
from: Thumb swelling/tenderness, Shoulder & Neck, Hip, Knee and Low back. I suffered Digestive
difficulties & Gastritis, headaches and got up 3-4X a night. I was also having a lot of dental work which
added jaw pain to my list of ailments. Weekly sessions were 45min-1.25hrs in length. I experienced
everything from stomach movement, waves, tingling and shooting sensations over my body. I could feel
when Yvonne was on certain reflex points and was almost immediately relaxed. I got a burst of energy
within the hour after every session, and got up during the night 50% less. Sleep, bowel movements,
constant pain, mood and energy all improved from these sessions. I miss it a Lot, and wish Yvonne was
closer so I could continue…My belief in this type of “touch therapy” is so strong, I bought Gift Certificates
for 3 family members who had stress or pain from injury.”


MD Grey, Chatsworth CA -August 2012


My first client with widespread stage 4 Cancer. Referred by his sister (my first and only MS client), he was able to drive to me for our first 2-3 visits. When he arrived for the 2nd session, it was everything I could do not to cry, as he had declined so rapidly since our last visit. I called my teacher afterward for tips on coping and continued to see him during his hospice rest. It was obvious to me was that “touch” alone was a welcome comfort and relief at this point in his life. He thanked me during and after our sessions and spoke quietly of hoping to see the birth of his first Grandson. Nauseous, weak and

fatigued, the work on his feet and ears specifically allowed him to relax and let go of the mounting worries about the future & his mounting medical bills. The sessions enabled him to breathe better, sleep better at night and improved his digestion which was very out of sorts from the chemo. He also experienced less anxiety and I was so
grateful to help. Our fourth session, Michael was in bed in his Mother’s home and the family was there. A nurse checked his vitals and would return later. I wasn’t sure he knew who I was and I was afraid he might die while I was working. I had only an hour between clients, and he needed to go the restroom.30 min passed…Settled back into bed, I pulled the covers back and placed my hands on his feet. He Smiled and I could then smile too, for I knew he knew.


Written by Yvonne – Michael L during Chemo, Radiation & hospice. Toluca Lake, CA – February 2010


Her faced beamed as I walked in the back door past the dog and her daily caregiver. She always had a bite for me, as we caught up on the latest scoop. Her daughter was away at University, and this was her way of taking care of me. Kathy and her husband both had MS and were in wheelchairs as a result. I had no experience with Neuropathy of the feet, but she was a willing participant and more than happy to receive complimentary sessions while I studied & practiced. Kathy reported always feeling good
after sessions. She couldn’t feel exactly what I was doing, but could feel pressure. Over time, her circulation and sensation improved in her feet. Better sleep, digestion and Increased energy.


Written by Yvonne – K Levin, Toluca Lake CA -2010,2011